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How-to Pearloid Binding On Rg Body?

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HI, I'm modifying my RG body to look like a Jem. I've done the output jack, almost finished the Monkey Grip and aren't too worried about the tremolo claw, I'm also adding a maple veneer top & pearloid pickguard. One mod I'd like to do is a pearloid binding. I know that Stew Mac sells router bits and that Warmoth sells a pearloid binding. I have two concerns; First, the router bits are sold in .060, .070, .080 etc depths, all with .012 extra cutting depth to accomodate glue thickness, and swelling of binding/wood. The Binding itself is .080 thick. If the bits will actually cut .082 and .092, respectively, it would seem that I would end up with far too shallow or far too deep a rout for this to work-Any thoughts? Secondly (and this may make the first question irrelevant), I could rout the entire top with my router until I get to the bevel at the upper rear of the body. Obviously the angle will make using the router a no-go. Do I have to cut the entire corner by hand? Thanks in advance for the help Guys-Rob

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The process isn't any different for that part. The RG shape is actually one of the easier ones (other than a completely flat top) -- it could be a lot worse. You just need to find a way to follow the top that works for you. If you can't do that with your regular router, one option is to use a laminate trimmer with a smaller base. Some people use the Stew-mac attachment for a Dremel tool to get a very small base (though badly underpowered for that job). You just have to get creative.

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