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Ok fellas, lets get this project started...

What are we making? There was some previous discussion and some ideas thrown around, but nothing definate.

I know some of you guys had conversations with Steve about what his thoughts were on his favourite designs, and planned projects. Now's the time to let us know what steve wanted.

We'll gather the info, and work out which designs and ideas can be used.


This thread is not a VOTE, its a collection of ideas.

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I really liked the design he had there, so I'll jump on the "Build His Design" bandwagon for now. He even listed the woods he'd like to use; I say go for the maple design, as it's more true to the Rickenbacker spirit he cherished so much.

As for pickups, I say we go with Bartolinis. It seemed that every time someone asked what bass pickups to get, he'd recommend Barts-- check it out:


I'd say either two soapbars or a J set would do wonderfully; he said he wasn't too big a fan of the MM style.

Finally, I'd like to second a PG.com logo on the headstock; maybe just an inlaid "PG" in abalone or something?

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I definatly agree that the design built should be the one steve had planned on building, it just seems more personal that way as for the PG idea, I think that is cool, but maybe some kind of certificate with it that includes all the members who have built, donated or somehow contributed to its construction would be better, unless that is already planned!

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Lemme throw another vote in there for going with this design and wood choices.

And while I like the idea of going with his design as mentioned, is there a way that we as PG can make this our bass as much as his? By this I mean, can we inject an element into it that he might not have thought of or otherwise attempted? Maybe we can put in a unique wiring set up or something along those lines. A cool little inlay along the neck perhaps, setting up a scene of some sort.

These are just ideas I'm tossing around off the top of my head in the wee hours of the morning.

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