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Les Paul Body Length

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I'm converting from metric and basing my info on the CAD file available through the downloads section here, but this is what I get:

Length = 437.49 mm = 17.22 inches

Width = 327.64 mm = 12.899 inches (but I never know exactly where to measure on the bouts--and this measurement includes the binding)

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Awesome Thanks!

How are those drawings anyways? I'm considering donating :D

Also, to make a template: Print a scale drawing of the body, cut it out, trace it onto plywood?


The drawings look right --the Les Paul file actually has three LPs in there with different pickup routes. Someone else can tell you if they're entirely accurate.

What I do for the template --I print it out, put carbon paper on the back, then trace over the lines onto MDF. The carbon paper is easier to see and doesn't rub off so fast.

But often as not, I end up tweaking the design and redrawing it all by hand anyway. Still use the carbon paper once that's done.

I tried plywood, but the stuff I find here is too fragile, chips off, shreds, etc. MDF is just as cheap and easier to work with (though you have to wear a respirator for the dust).

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Register at the MIMF and use the templates in the library - they're the bollocks, and they're free. Full size PDF's, with all of the wiring runs and body routes included, the inlay outlines, and the headstock.

My measurements agree with idch's.

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To translate Setch for North Americans: 'the bollocks' is a good thing.

From wikipedia:

Non-native speakers of British English should exercise extreme caution when using the term in this manner.


Another usage with a positive sense is the dog's bollocks, based on the notion that a dog's bollocks must taste good, as they spend so much time licking them.
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