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Bass Pickup Question


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hello, i'm new to this forum, and guitar/bass building, etc. i have a question about the pickup in a bass i seen online. i could not find any tech info on it, etc. anyway, what type/model of pickup is in the dean edge 09 4-string bass? and what is the likely wiring setup? if anyone knows, or can give a good guess, or direct me to a good website, i would be very grateful. :D



sorry for any bad spelling, or if this all sounds dumb, i'm just new to all of this.

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hello JoeAArthur,

thanks for the wiring link! i'll check the dean forum, and see what pickup they used. i'm a bit confused about pickups. i was more or less wondering is there a particular type to get if you plan to install just one, which work best used as a single, etc. the body i have for the bass has a pre-cutout section in the exact place the edge has for it's pickup. the body is pretty old, at least 30 yrs old. in it's day it was a cheapy, a dept. store deal, i believe. it's made by the kay guitar company. i looked up their site, but there is little info, nor an email addy to write them about replacement parts, just a p.o. box. (their bass bodies are still the same design, save for more pickups now). so i figured i'd go another route, and the edge is very close to the build.

i guess it's easy to tell i'm a total newbie. :D



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No, there is no particular pickup you need to use just because it is a single pickup.

Most 4-string bass pickups are primarily either (Fender) Precision or Jazz types. The precision style of split pickup probably wouldn't work for you. You might consider the Jazz style and use just one, or even the Tele/pre-precision split pickup as in the wiring diagram.

Another possibility is the MusicMan style. These are quite effective as single bass pickups.

I don't know your bass, but you may have to be open to widening the pickup cavity in the body. Before you do any surgery to the body, make sure you have the desired pickup in hand.

Check out Duncan (www.seymourduncan.com) and DiMarzio (www.dimarzio.com) for a variety of different styles. I've heard that the X2N-B is a great pickup for a single pickup bass... but unfortunately the Dimarzio site doesn't have any information on it.

Good Luck!!

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thanks, JoeAArthur. :D

below is a pic of the body, after i removed the old varnish that had dulled, and got out the nicks, and scratches. as you can see it only has front section cutouts.. no back assess for anything (i think all electric guitars/basses have back assess now for electronics, right?). the way it was wired before, the pickup was glued into the pickguard, not visible on the outside. i will go for a passive pickup.. maybe even try to make my own.. who knows. i found a diy site for making a simple pickup using popsicle sticks, magnets, & wire, very mcguver like..lol. but maybe it's cheaper to just buy a pickup in the end. :D


guitar body


pickup (old beast..lol)

thanks again,


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Looks like you have enough space for an EMG-35TW. Might give you some of that versatility without having to route more space for a MM-style pickup.

Also, guitars and basses haven't changed that much. Usually they're still either front or rear routed, but with few exceptions, not both.

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