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Refinishing A Bass Defret

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I defretted this junk bass I had. I used wood putty at first but it didnt set up and someone on another forum told me thast wood putyy does not set up and harden. It is meant to stay soft and supple. So I scraped ity out and used whitr spackle for walls at the recommendation of this person on another forum. Now the fret slots are white. i really wanted something that was wood colored. Should I paint the fret board or should I refinish it with a dark stain close to the color of the rosewood fret board? Please help.

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What are you trying to do with this thing. Do you want it to be a fretless bass? If so I would scape out that spackle and then glue into the slots som wood of a contrasting color like maple. Once glued in and sanded down you have a nice feretless fret board and you can still see where the frets were. If youn want it to look like it never had any frets then you have to go with some epoxy and some saw dust of the same type of wood or inlay filler for that color of wood.

Good luck whatever you are trying to do!!!!


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