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Pickguards: Nerves Of Steel.

Black Stool

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I've got an American Fender Strat and wanted preferably a stainless steel pickguard, but may consider an aluminum one. Something simple like polished metal or a suttle design pattern. I'm NOT going for that Sears/Craftsman tool look with diamond plating. For those of you with aluminum pickguards...Do they scratch easily being such a soft metal? Have you guys seen any good links on the internet? Here's what I found and hope that it helps you:

1) Precious Metals: I love their pickguards, but they appear to be out of business. Their website has a note that says that they "are under new management and are backlogged on emails"...but I have sent about 10 emails from 3 different email accounts over the course of 2 months and NADA! So it is beyond backlogged or very poorly managed under the new management. I tried going to their eBay store - closed. Tried buying on their online store - can't purchase anything. What of waste of cyber-space! :D

2) Trick Millusion...sold at MusiciansFriend...look awesome but the products were rated horribly by 30 voters! That is a really bad sign. Either the fit quality was poor (screw holes didn't line up) or the finish wasn't too nice or maybe the aluminum scratches too easily...either way...that's a lot of unhappy folks.

3) Sharp Concepts...they do respond to emails but their products might be a little too industrial for me and I'm not sure that I am going for that Sears/Craftsman tool look. Maybe you will like this though, and they are email responsive.

4) JW Custom...the same as 3...but they don't answer their emails (sent 2)...maybe it's the "new management" there too.

5) CMK Pickguards: here's a nice idea...carbon fiber...I just think that it may get scratched too easily...like a wood pickguard.

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5) CMK Pickguards: here's a nice idea...carbon fiber...I just think that it may get scratched too easily...like a wood pickguard.

Carbon fiber laminates are epoxy, vinylester, or polyester resins reinforced with layer(s) of carbon fiber cloth. Those resins are in order of strongest to least strongest, btw. An epoxy/carbon fiber laminate will be strong and should be pretty resistant to pick scratches.


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I had a plastic pickguard from WD Pickguards and I can't honestly recommend them. The screw holes didn't line up right...maybe it's my guitar...but the Fender pickguards fit perfect as I have tried two of theirs. The WD Pickguard...granted...I picked it...but it looked cheap. I should post a picture. :D

Thanks GBT...didn't know that. I know that carbon fiber is strong...they have it in racecars and airplanes...just didn't know that it was scratch resistant. Interesting.

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