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Major Tom

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OK, here's one more, meet Major Tom. :D

Buckeye Burl top, Alder Body, 2-HB, TOM.

The entire body was sealed with CA glue, then lac over top. This is just the first coats of lac so far.

I think I'm going to do a dark hunter green outer burst, not 100% on that yet tho.


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Haha! :D

Good eye 'gar. I forgot about that. I had originally cut the pkp for a Tele, then decided against another SC guitar (I think the Tele Caravan has covered the SC's right well) so I then went behind that and cut it for the HB's. So what you're looking at is the bottom portion of a Tele bridge pkp cut.

I'm going to take a little piece of Buckeye wood and just glue it to that spot to cover it up, you'll never notice it otherwise.

And yes, it will have HB rings.

I think this one will have black hardware, which will be my first guitar that strays from my regular Gold hardware syndrome.

Actually that body was a combination of epoxy and CA glue. I used colored/tinted epoxy to fill in some big voids in the burl, then level sanded, then CA'd the whole body, filling in the little cavities with the CA glue.

CA glue works freakin' GREAT on Alder too, an added plus.

PS, it's not Maple Godin.

...A funny story about Buckeye burl and how it gets that coloring.

They cut it into big raw slabs, then let it sit out in the sun for a few months, that's how it gets it's weird coloring.

Nature is way cool. :D:DB)

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Drak, that's totally awesome man, I REALLY LIKE THAT GUITAR!!!

Have you thought about making wide pickup rings out of the burl wood? That would be killer and cover up the pickup route at the same time. Anyway, that's going to be one bad muda after you get it completely finished. Keep us updated....

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I can't say I'm a huge fan of this wood, actually, but IMO the sum is often greater than the parts, so I'm still looking forward to the final product to see if my mind is changed. :D

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That looks amazing as it is, I wouldn't spray any green on it.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments, I will leave it as is. B)

That's right Mr. Drak, freeze, drop that paint gun, and back up!!! Your under PG arrest for trying to kill some beautiful burl!!! lol

Just kidding, but I still think this guitar would look better natural also. It's your guitar though, and if you do paint it, please don't tell me about it, I'd probably break down and cry.. haha

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OH MAN, I was wanting to see a burst on this one :D do this one and leave the RRV alone Brother B)

Any way man its not been the same around hear with out ya, keep on doing waht you do man


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Glad to see you came to your senses!

I'd leave your RRV alone too, both guitars look stunning as they are IMHO

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Somebody PM'd me and asked me where I get the Buckeye, so I figured I'd post it out in the open here too.

Fair warning tho, it is VERY tricky stuff to work with, and not for a beginner. You could very easily break it or ruin it several different ways and be out some heavy coin with nothing to show for it. :D


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