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Kohler Trem System

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well, i've got a new one that i could use some direction on. a student has purchased a nice guitar by tom anderson guitar works and it has a kohler trem system on it. it's similar to a floyd rose but has an odd little locking bar on the back inside the trem cavity and i can't for the life of me figure out how it works or how to set the whole thing up. i can't find any setup info online and was wondering if any of you have any experience with them and can steer me in the right direction.


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it has a kohler trem system on it

Make sure you search for "Kahler" otherwise you'll just be reading about water closets and such... hehehe B):D

damn..i even looked at it under a maginifying glass and i was positive it was kohler.. :D

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thanks to both of you. i'll check those sites out in the morning.

thanks again rokeros..that first link is exactly what i needed. the part that i couldn't figure out is the positive latch system. they had a great explanation with diagrams. i appreciate it.

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