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24 Fret Conversion

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Sorry if this is a dumb question......but is it possible to change a guitar with 22 frets so that it has 24 frets? Could I just replace the neck with a 24 fret one if they are the same scale (ie. 25.5")? Not sure if this would work because the distance to the bridge might be slightly longer, messing up the tuning or something. :D Just curious, anybody have any ideas? Thanks :D

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^ Maybe I'll do that. Instead of switching the entire neck, I'll just put on a new fingerboard. Thanks guys. :D

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Put a new fretboard on and have overhang.

Yes it is possible if you dont mind te overhang.

I recently did this with a BCR neck. I also chaned the scale (which means you also have to change everything to do with the body as well.

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