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Glued In Neck Help/tone

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I'm currently building a PRS McCarty style guitar. I was building a neck, without much of a direction, but I shaved a little bit too much off, and it became too thin to use. Now, I'm going to buy a new neck blank.

1. If I've already glued the two body pieces together, would the guitar be OK if I glued in the neck in by cutting the pickup cavity deeper to the bottom of the first pickup? What I'm asking is would I have enough surface area on the neck to glue it in? The boxed in area on the picture is what the are that the neck would go into if glued (or screwed)


2. If I just screwed my neck in, how would my tone change? With the area shown, would it be better to use glue, or screw taking tonal change and difficulty into account?

Thanks a lot!


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What you are describing is how those guitars are built. They have a thin tongue that extends from the end of the fretboard to the back of the pickup route. Total neck pocket length from the back of the pickup cavity to the edge of the body is about 2.75 inches.

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OK, so it's OK if it only goes through the first pickup? I thought PRS's usually had long necks spanning to the bridge pickup, but I'm not sure.

PRS has the neck tenon only thru to the rhythm pickup cavity. This was inspired by the 1950s Double Cut Gibson Les Paul Specials. It's okay to do it this way and it works.

David Thomas McNaught builds his guitars with the neck tenon nearly to the bridge. Both of his pickup cavities are cut into the tenon. His website details this construction.

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