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Bindingj Before Or After Neck Pocket Route?

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since i have only done faux binding, i am now considering regular binding my next project (gluing body and top as we speak). so i did a search on binding to begin researching. i did a practice run on an old scrap body with routing the channel, forming and gluing up the binding. i notice that the "norm" is too route the neck pocket first then then glue the binding in place. however, during my research, i thought i came across a couple of posters that say they apply the binding before the routing the neck pocket so that there is a clean termination of the binding after routing the neck pocket.

can anyone expand on this idea? how does the binding hold up when being routed? for those of you with binding experience, what is your recommendation? if you recommend installing after routing the neck pocket, what technique do you use to terminate the binding at the neck pocket (in other words, what do you use to trim)?

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Well you could do it both with good results. It depends on you, if you are a patient builder you could go for the before neck pocket. If you do it this way you have to route carefully on the pass comin out of the pocket as not to blow it out.

If you do it after the neck pocket then make it stick into the neck pocket by a 1/6" or so, and use a file or fine sandin block to get it flush. Main thing is to take your time.....

Good luck!!!!


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