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V-joint Scarf Joint?

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So i was walking through Chapters with my girlfriend and we passed a section of books on sale. For some random reason a book called "Build Your Own Electric Guitar" was sitiing there for 9 bucks so i decided to buy it (meh 9 bucks and i may learn something new...). So i get home start flipping through it and see the way this guy does his scarf joints.

This Martin Oakham guy sets up his band saw and does this weird V- dove tail like joint on 2 peices of wood. I have no idea if anyone has seen or done this but it was new to me.

So if anyone has done some thing like this, how did it turn out? was it a good solid joint? I think I may have seen it done on expensive classical now that i think about it, but has any one tryed one on an electric?

I guess my 9 bucks were well spent i found out a few new ways to do things.

An example:


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That's one of the two traditional ways to do a V-joint, very common in spanish and I believe early (read: Old) Martin guitars. Covered V is even fancier. What's nice: the joinery involved. Lovely joint. It also pulls itself together somewhat, and can't ever creep due to glue creep, pretty much.

Not so: more complex. Lots of end-grain glue surface, so not quite as strong. In theory, if it gets glued with hide and knocked and releases (more easily than a scarf joint; this isn't one), it should provide a clean break because of all the end-grain gluing.

I'd like to try one, may do so on an acoustic some day, but I'll stick to the easy methods for now; the V-joint, or worse, covered V-joints (there are discussions and tutorials in the MIMF.com library if you're interested) require getting a whole lot more angled gluing surfaces lined up and cut Just So, where a scarf just requires, well, a flat surface. That's it.

Personally, if I try, it'll be on a small acoustic, low-tension strings.

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