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Making Wah Pedal, Bypass Button Question...

Thoughtless 7

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I'm finally getting around to making my own wah pedal, but i'm wondering about the bypass. Instead of having a DPDT for on/off, would i be able to use a Push to make switch on top of the pedal, so when that is pressed the wah is on and i can rock my foot for the effect, then when i release my foot from the button it will be bypassed, or would i need to use a DPDT?

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do you mean like a morley wah? as in when the pedal is moved it turns on rather than you having to push the pedal all the way down to press a switch?

if you mean like a morley check out there site they have schematics of all there stuff,

if you want a switch like on a dunlop i would recomend using a DPDT for true bypass

if you havent already i would recomned checking this site out, tonnes of great info

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you can actually use a momentray switch so that the wah only comes on when you step on it just like a morley. they were at radioshack and were 4 for 2.39 wheni started doing this mod 10 years ago. it all depends on what you wish to do.

perosnally they are so small i ended up counter sinking them to the bottom of the wah rocker underneath the pad so you could barely feel them under your foot.

worked great however you need two of them since they are only spst, unless you have a clever wiring diagram for them.

email me or wheni get off work i will post a schematic if i remeber too.

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