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To fit the 24 fret neck, you'd just have to rout a small cavity through the body to accomodate for the fretboard to sit in. However if your pickups directly touch the 22nd fret, then no, unless you completely rennovate it. However, the question you're asking, no. The guitar would be completely out of tune if you simply bolted on a 24 fret neck to a 22 fret guitar because the scale length would have to be different

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Depends, some 24's have an overhang for the last two, like warmoth necks, those will fit in a 22 fret neck's pocket, but the fretboard will hang over a little,

you'd have to make sure your pup's were far enough away that there is room for the extra two frets.

On necks that the neck heel and fretboard both stop in the same place will not fit with out routing the neck pocket out a little.

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1. Are the two necks set up for the same scale length?

2. As far as fit and the neck pocket. As mentioned above some fretboards overhang the neck. You would have to confirm if the necks heals as it relates to fret position are identical. If not the neck pocket would need to be modified to allow for identical fret placement (well thats given you do not plan to move the bridge position).

3. You would have to look at how close the neck PU is to the fretboard, and determine if it will allow for enough clearance.

4. As far as the shape of the neck pocket. You would also have to compair the necks to confirm they are identical. If not you need to accomodate for the new neck.

5. You would need to confirm the two necks have the same heel thickness. So that you will have the same string height. If not you may need to modify accordingly.

6. Does the guitar have neck angle? If so confirm the angle isdeveloped in the pocket. If so any adjustments need to maintain this angle. If the heal is angled again they must match.

If you have a specific model and specific model necks to swap in mind. Maybe that info would help.


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