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Do I Have The Capability To Do This?

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Right, Basically i've just bought a mexi strat offa ebay nice and cheap (£190) to mod a little bit...It's a blue one, and i'd much prefer one in black but i don't have the funds to send it somewhere and get it done professionally.

So, my only option would be to do it myself but i have no idea what types of paint to use, where to buy it from or how much it's likely to cost (and if i can even afford it). I haven't got any type of spray mechanisms and the only painting experience i have is that of the garden shed and some woodstain, but i'm enthusiastic and up for a challenge...But having said that, i don't wanna ruin it and have wasted my money...

Any advice would be much appreciated, amd if you could tell me what i'm looking for in the paint department and maybe some possible prices of the easiest thing to get a decent result i'd be very grateful :D

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You're going to need to practice, and invest a fair bit into materials and/or setup (it's a trade-off; aersols let you not have a compressor/gun, but the finish itself costs more). Also, matching a factory paintjob on the first (or second or third) try is difficult, and black is one of the MOST difficult colours to do perfectly.

I'd leave it alone, or wait until you can trade it in/sell it and buy a black guitar, if we're talking bog-standard painjobs. Unless you actually want to learn how to (re) finish, that is.

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^ I don't really have any interest in learning to refinish, it was just a means to an end really...My theory now is to either leave it as it is, or save for someone else to do it for me

Refinish it will add too much to the price --the guitar won't be any kind of bargain at all anymore.

Besides, didn't you hear? Blue is the new goth color this year :D

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