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See Through Paint Finish

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Hey everyone

I am very new to the whole finishing of guitar process. I do however do paint work on cars for a living so i have access to any paint i could ever need! unfortunatly, i dont have the knowledge to do what i want to do.

I have seen many guitars that are painted, but the grain is still plain as day coming right through the paint. I know its not as simple as put a light coat on.. so whats the trick.. do you use a black grain filler? or is there something more to it.. Im in the beginning stages of building my next guitar and up until now, i have only done natural wood finishes. Its time to get more dangerous but i dont really like solid painted guitars (unless its a black les paul with cream color binding.. which is my next choice if i cant figure this out). Any resources links or personal knowledge will be very helpful. thanks in advance

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Those two finishes are not what we would call "transparent" finishes. Those two guitars appear to be dyed. The first one has a quilted maple cap, the second one has a flamed maple cap. You'd apply a finish like this simply by dying the top wood, be it through one or several steps and colors, and then laying down your clear coat.

Go to stewmac.com. They have a nice selection of concentrated analine dyes. I use them for dying wood and for tinting my clearcoats.



EDIT: You totally beat me to it, mikhailgtrski. I didn't even see your post.

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