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Colortone Dye - Finding It In The Uk

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As the title suggests - I'm desparate to a supplier of this in the UK, the only places I can find selling ColorTone are over in the States and none of them seem overly keen about shipping it to Scotland. So, I would appreciate any help you could offer me as regards finding this stuff. If it isn't possible - is it possible to achieve a dye type finish like a PRS or like Mikhail's Warmoth Project in the In Progress forum using Woodburst Dyes - anyway, thanks for any help you can give me.


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I think Drak uses Solar Lux powdered dyes in addition to Colortone. It's basically the same aniline dye, either in dry powder form that you mix with water or alcohol, or a premixed concentrated liquid dye.

Shouldn't be any shipping restrictions on the powdered stuff. ReRanch has it, as do Woodcraft and others.

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www.craft-supplies.co.uk up in millersdale derbyshire, stock Behlens Solar Lux dyes, and a bunch more guitar/instrument stuff. if you get a chance to look around their shop its great. and I went and hand picked the wood for my project

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