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Pickguard Materials?

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In searching for different pictures of white guitars, (I'm thinking of making the guitar I'm working on now white with a white guard, and debating if I want to go with "aged" looking plastic, or creamish paint, or the slightly mis-matched guard and pickups look of older guitars) I ran across a bunch of pictures of old Duosonics and Musicmasters. Here's a couple of Musicmasters, for the idea:



and at the top of this page is a trio of them. (I particularly like the "desert sand" colour - it looks like the "soymilk" shade my friend and I were debating the other day)

But I'm really falling in love with the smooth, undisturbed look of these guitars. Binding is fun and all, but these just look so nice. Half of it is the closed-cover pickups, which I think I can find (or possibly make) covers like that - I really have to figure out my p'up choices before I go much further on this, but I think a big part of it is the flat single ply pickguard.

So I'm trying to figure though - if I go with a white pickguard, that's easy enough to do. So is black, heck, I could probably even do the painted black aluminum like some of the early musicmasters on that page - but does anyone know where you can find brown pickguard-suitable plastic like the second link above? Or if I wanted to do the anodized aluminum style like in the picture of the three desert-sand finished ones - how the heck to you go about that? Do you buy anodized aluminum and fabricate from that? Or is it possible to anodize the aluminum yourself?

Sorry this is so rambling. Any insight into this would be much appreciated.

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