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Binding On A Drop Top?

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Follow the tutorials on this site, it is basically the same, you would probably want to hide the transition from one wood to the other with the binding. Give us a few "specifics" about what you are doing and we can give better advice. Got pics?

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What about doing a prs-style mask-before-stain "binding"? That might make things easier, although you've then got to bend your top, or paint the back to make the binding appear a consistent height across the body.

I have the stew-mac dremel tool binding router attachment thing, and while I don't usually use it, this seems like an option where it could shine.

If your forearm cut was a flat enough plane, I'd imagine you could just route the binding edge for most of the body in the normal way, and then do the route around forearm curve, using something like an offset router base to help keep the router perpendicular to the plane of the forearm cut.

If all else fails, well scribed lines and a chisel? (I did one of my first attempts at binding with a chisel, and let me tell you, while it "worked", it's nothing I'd want to ever do again.)

I think obviously the best solution is to invest in a fancy CNC machine.

(edit: just found this in a google image search, looks like they bent the top on and then did the masked "faux binding" approach…)

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