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Absolutely Shocked

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I cant belive how quick my delivery was with stewmac's, i wanted to post this up, guy's from the UK or europe might find this interesting.

I put my order in with stewmac's, monday night. Its now 11am thursday and it's here. It was sent out tuesday, it so quick !

Funny i ordered several parts from - all parts UK, and from Guitar Parts & Spares UK two weeks ago and still they are not here. Go stewmacs ! As the pound is strong you get a good deal too.

May 30, 2006 14:40 Zanesville, OH - USA Shipment picked up

May 30, 2006 16:21 Zanesville, OH - USA Departing origin

May 31, 2006 00:39 Wilmington - Clinton Field, OH - USA Departing origin

May 31, 2006 07:23 Wilmington - Clinton Field, OH - USA Departed from DHL facility in Wilmington - Clinton Field - USA

May 31, 2006 21:33 East Midlands - UK Arrived at DHL facility in East Midlands - UK

May 31, 2006 23:17 East Midlands - UK Processed for clearance at East Midlands - UK

June 01, 2006 03:47 East Midlands - UK Clearance processing complete at East Midlands - UK

June 01, 2006 08:32 Southampton - UK With delivery courier

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It was my understanding that Stewmac is willing to ship via USPS Air Parcel Post --it's a slightly longer delivery schedule (up to 10 days) but there's less chance of customs becoming involved ...

I haven't tried it yet, since I usually have things sent to my address in the States--but given my current shipping problem....a whole box of tools and parts on its way here by boat...I'm going to give Stewmac a try directly.

Over here, I've never had to pay customs on any package brought in via USPS Air Parcel --the only times I've had duties came from shippers like Fedex, UPS, etc.

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For stuff that I've had shipped to the US from abroad, I've found it works two ways. One way, you get charged a lot for shipping, but the supplier takes care of the duty. The other way, you get a bill in the mail from Customs a few days after your shipment arrives.

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DHL bills after the fact, not at the door, mostly.

As for packages 'slipping through', regular USPS Air stuff of any value/sizes gets busted for taxes 99% of the time, gets lost too frequently. USPS Ground packages tend to arrive reeeaaallly sllooowwwllly but it reliably so, and often in better condition, and slip through once in a while.

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Good to know. I've always plumped for DHL from Stewmac, since it only costs an extra $5 compared to USPS. My first couple of orders escaped customs charges, and since then I've been nailed 100% of the time.

I was considering trying USPS to see if that was better, but given their flair for losing packages, I think I'll stick with DHL.

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That's funny...I've been overseas for more than 15 years now (first in Amsterdam, now in France) and in all that time I can't recall ever losing a package sent via USPS --the only time there was a problem turned out to be because the sender addressed it improperly, but the package was returned to them.

And like I said, the only time I've been hit up for customs is when the package is sent via Fedex, etc, or if it's sent via First Class

Apparently, First Class is routed differently from Air Parcel --first class goes through Germany, while Air Parcel will go directly to France. The Germans are stricter when it comes to customs, apparently.

And when I've had to pay customs, I've been charged on the spot --can't have the package until I pay.

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I escaped customs on the first few parcels i had sent via USPS, they now get me everytime. The first time i used DHL they added a £10 admin fee because they pretended they thought i was a business, it should be £1.25 for us non-business people. I like DHL because of the order tracking and the fact i have had parcels turn up within less than 48 hours from me ordering them, on some orders i have had from stew-mac its actually been cheaper to have DHL.

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