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Divinci D-v 6030 Surround Sound System

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Somebody please buy this so my wife will stop being mad at me. I bought it from a local A/V installer at their cost. I just bougt it because it was a good deal. They don't usually sell this stuff outright they make ther money on markups and installs. My wife was immediately angry with me because we already had a good surround sound system. Now I need to get rid of it to appease her. To my understanding The "DiVinci" name is not well known yet. But is becoming well known in the A/V industry as "top quality stuff". The MSRP on this is $2,899.00


Thanks for looking,


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If you don't get back at least what you outlaid to begin with,

I'm tipping the doghouse will be home for quite a while. :D

Good luck, and remember this could save a life. Yours. :D

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