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I was wondering whether you could actually get hardware from original hardware from Gotoh or Schaller or companies like that etc.

Because I have found this:


And they have way more new hardware than I have seen on the market, e.g. the Warmoth truss side adjust system and a new series of Wilkinson tremolos that haven't been released to the big companies. If you just click on some of the links on their page, you'll see a much larger variety of hardware. I was wondering, is it possible to directly order from them, or is there some contract, or bulk buying method? Because I thought it would be cheaper...

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They're a big company and have distributors set up all over the world for their products who take care of little things like import/export restrictions and other trade-related issues. I'm sure if you wanted to become a dealer you could go through one of them. If, of course, you feel the need to purchase 100 tremolos at a time.

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