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Archtop/semi-hollow Books?

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Seeing Myka's thread on a new archtop type guitar he's working on has me inspired me (as pretty much everything the fellow does inspires one) and reminded me how much I'd really like to own, if not make, an archtop-type guitar some day. I really think it's way out of my league right now - but maybe someday I'll try one. I chambered a guitar that I built quite heavily, and while it was not a huge difference from a similar-constructed non-chambered guitar, it was a difference I really liked.

Anyway, can anyone recommend any books, websites, or good info to read up on the meantime? I've been working on carving tops, and bending wooden binding, both of which at least seem like they'd be slightly applicable to the learning curve in this task, and I certainly want to get more builds under my belt before I jump into something like this. But I know there's got to be lots of things to learn that I won't learn without a book or something, things I should know before I even think about sitting down and trying my hand at something like this.

Edit: I guess I'm looking at getting Benedetto's book over at Stew Mac right now. Anything else I should be looking at? I see there are videos - I've never ordered a video for guitarpentry before - and now I wonder why not, it seems like it could be a good way to learn these things - can anyone comment on the videos? Since this project is far-off and more of a long-term goal than anything, I'd imagine I'd put the purchase of the videos off for now, but any comments as such are welcomed.

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I keep meaning to buy the Benedetto, but I figure I need to actually play one or two archtop guitars before trying to build one. I've got an F5 mando planned, which I think is going to be a lot of fun, and pretty challenging (particularly the scroll, binding, tuning, etc.)

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