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Floyd Rose Problem, Please Help

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i recently restrung a floyd rose, and before i restrung it worked perfectly. it still works, but now the tail end of the floyd is deeper into the cavity, so it cant go as high. i dont know why it is doing it. i checked the springs, and they are fine.

pleaze assist!!!!!!!

thanks in advanced.

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Why go directly to "removing a spring", when problem could be solved by simply adjusting the springs?

Requires a heck of a whole lot less in set-up.

Actually, requires almost no set-up.

Adjust spring, re-tune, adjust spring, re-tune.

Do this until Floyd is parallel with body again.

Go play your fingers off.

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Adjust spring, re-tune, adjust spring, re-tune.

Do this until Floyd is parallel with body again.

That will take forever and is really frustrating. I'd find someway to block the trem,(I just jammed a couple of 2-pence coins in mine) then overtighten the springs, tune as normal, then loosen the springs just until the thing you used to block the trem falls out.

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The frustration is part of the charme of the Floyd Rose.

It takes a while to master.....but once you do. It's such a rewarding process.

And yes, string, tune, adjust, re-tune, adjust, re-tune.......etc.

First time it will take you 1-2 hours. Second time 1 hour, then 20 mintes......etc.

Practice makes perfect.


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would it be wrong to post info strait from someones book?

if not i will print the entire setup info from dan earlwine

as its the best info to help with this problem and string guage will not matter :D

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All the below information is from Dan Earlwines book "Guitar player repair guide"

i have alterd the info to for use of the floyd rose in floating mode

for all that dont have it buy it its a great book with tons of info

The ten step strat setup

no springs are installed yet and the claw is adjusted as lose it can go "make sure the screws are tight enough to hold the pressure of the springs when installed

step 1....string up lightly but not nearly to pitch

Step 2.."Block" the tremolo in the middle postion so it can float in either direction.

use a hard-wood block measuring 1" wide and 2" long that tapers from 1/4" to a 1/2"

shove it in between the rear of the tremolo block and the back of the tremolo cavity

Pic 1 below sorry about the battery im at home and its all i had to show this step

Step 3..install a capo at the first fret adjust the string height to the desired action. move the block in or out untill the tremolo base

is level with the guitars top."Pic 2 below" and check your action as it may have changed

tune to pitch. the block will hold the trem in place with the string tension.

step 4...adjust the relief if nessasary and remove the capo

play the guitar to make sure it is set to your satisfaction

step 5...reinstall the springs the way they were when removed and flip the guitar over so the trem cavity faces down and slowly tighten the springs untill the block falls out this will happen when spring tension = string tension. you may have to pull the block

out with very very little pressure and i do mean very little

you should now have a fully floating Floyd Rose thats in tune and ready to rip

and i always recomend a tremsetter on a floating trem

Pic 1 http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d38/femflyr8fan/1002.jpg

Pic 2 http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d38/femflyr8fan/1001.jpg

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