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Worth Building?


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ive been going nuts thinking if this is worth the effort

it looks great and not too expensive to make

but alot of labor and or time. but its uses make me want to build it

and i have family that owns a machine shop so i could get the

parts that take the most punishment made of metal

has anyone seen this? does it look worth it?


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I suppose that depends on what kind of work you regularly do. While i'm sure it would be nice for lots of things (mostly because of the visibility issue), there really aren't many things you can't do with a regular router table.

The one in that article looks a bit scary to me. I doubt it would be cost-effective to build one instead of buying one anyway. I have seen some pretty reasonably-priced commercial units. It depends on what value you put on your time that you have to spend building it (and how much free machine work you get out of your family).

But then, if you are REALLY doing it for the sake of doing it, then go for it. :D

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The concensus (sp?) on that particular creation is that it seems a bit flimsy. I wouldnt use somthing like that with so many moving parts and so much wood. What are you trying to acomplish? Myka built a cool overhead fixture for carving necks.

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im sorry i phrased that wrong i meant the "flimsy" parts made out of aluminum

and same with the base. ive seen some good deals on ebay

but would not want to buy somthing like this used

i do like the challange and would modify the design a bit

but all said and done this would be less than $150 as i have a second router

unused none the less. i just wanted to see if other people would go through the effort

to obtain the benefits. and not just production point of veiw

P.S. is there a thread to Myka's machine would love to see it just to see what extent

other people go through to fit there needs

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What's wrong with used pin routers? You can always replace the motor, after all.

Alternately, if you don't need a lot of travel, you can ' simply' build a sort of 'bridge' shape to hold the router like, a rail with the centered router, two feet) which will be stable, but much less versatile/easy to use in terms of plunging.

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I've thought about this a bit, and routing F-holes in an already-carved archtop top is really the only thing I can think of where a pin router would be required.

Even with this, you could rout them into a flat blank from the start, and touch up the edges after carving.

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