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Here there is a single 2-way switch controlling something called Series-Split-Parallel. I'm not sure what that means though. I'm trying to wire my guitar up with 2 humbuckers, 1 volume and 1 tone both push pull pots, and a 3 way switch. I want one of my push pulls to be a series-parallel switch and the other to be a coil-split. I have no clue what Series-Split-Parallel is though, and I'm not sure how to adapt the resources I've found to what I'd like to have. If someone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Simple. Instead of using push-pull pots and such, the switch itself gives you three "master" options. Either the pickups are in series, in parallel, or are split into single-coils. :D

I like this idea much better than push-pull pots, which I've always found cumbersome. Either a superswitch or an option like this for me, thanks. :D


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I adapted my epiphone 335 according to this Series-single coil-parallel switch recently, kept same controls just added a 3-way micro toggle switch, works a treat and gives the Dot access to some really nice jangly tone variations with both pickups selected. Makes for a very versatile instrument, the series and single coil options reduce a lot of the characteristic jazzy bassy warmth of the Dot and make it better for rhythm/arpeggio backing, it cuts thru the mix better.

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