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Buying Cheap But Quality Woods In Ireland

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Maybe contact the guys at Avalon/Lowden/Etc., look for Irish builders, and ask them what they do for woods?

Check here for s'more info:


Also, google around, check your yellow pages for lumber yards, contact cabinet/furniture makers and ask them where they get their materials from. Maple, basswood should be pretty easy to find. For rosewood and similar, it's possible you may have to order from somewhere else; plenty of places in the UK that'll sell ready to use blanks (Touchstone, Craft Supplies, Dave Dyke, etc.)

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Hi there,

I'm also in Ireland and here's what I've found.

If you're building an acoustic guitar your best bet is madinter.com. They're spanish so you have the euro thing. Craft supplies are ok but Madinter is much cheaper.

If you're building electric most timber suppliers (look in the golden pages for your nearest one) carry sapele or utile (mahogany like woods) and also maple, each about 30 euro per cubic foot (i.e. an 8ft by 8inch by 2inch roughly). Since you're in the south east you should look up the lisnavagh timber project www.irishwoods.com which is in carlow. They grow their own timber, I got some beautiful ash, and sycamore. Sometimes they have some walnut. It's nice to use native timber and some of it is stunning,and not expensive.

Good luck



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