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First build...

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well, after a long conversation with one of my friends, i've decided to finally build a guitar, understanding how crappy and horrible it will probably end up. the model i'm going for is an "SG" esque look, and i currently can't get to one to measure it and get it's size specs and whatnot. now, though i have played around with finishing and stuff along those lines, i'm not planning on doing more than a clear stain or possibly a colored stain (at the request of my friend as well as my fear of trashing an already trashed project). back to the point, though, some specs for the SG body, whatever can be provided even if it's just how long the body is or something, i don't care. i'm always looking for just the smallest amount of help because anything passed down to me from above will most likely be taken as my holy grail until i find out it actually sucks. thank for whatever you post!

StratMan :D

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http://www.guitarbuild.com sign up (it's free) then head to the download section and get the plans for the SG you'll also need a program they have onthe site, Turbo cad 2 to be able to view and print the files correctly.
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thanks, should be a lot of help.

btw, i had already thought about the bridge idea, that was my second big worry of the whole project, that and the initial routing which won't be done in my hands.

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