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Stewmac Foam Buffing Pads

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A couple of ignorant B) questions:

- Do they work for buffing out a neck, or is that better done by hand?

- Do you rinse them out after each use?

Thanks :D


edit: I went ahead and tried it out on my old/Minwax poly clearcoated/poorly buffed Warmoth Soloist.

It worked nicely on the neck, and it appears that rinsing after use is a good thing.

Of course, now I'll need to replace that pad due to chewing it up a wee bit on the strap buttons and other protrusions. :D:D

Please feel free to post your foam pad buffing advice. Thanks.

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- I don't see why you couldn't use them for a neck. I personally don't lacquer my necks, and don't buff them with compound, either. Fine steel-wooling and an old T-shirt does the trick with oil, or leave it alone if french polished.

- no, I don't rinse, but it's not necessarily a bad idea. Buy one pad per compound you're going to use, though, and store it in a plastic bag (ziploc best) between uses to keep it clean.

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