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Piezo-style Bridge Saddles?

j. pierce

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Anyone have any thoughts on the merits of the L.R. Baggs piezo system (x-bridge and t-bridge) vs. the GraphTech solutions? I'm leaning towards graphtec, because I like a slippery/roller saddle like that (the guitar is planned to be a trem guitar) and I looking at their online store it seems like I can get a schaller TOM (my preferred bridge) through them with the Ghost saddles - I'm willing to swap rollers for graphite in exchange for the tonal possibilities, especially since the graphite should still help with trem use.

But I'm wondering if anyone has any compelling reason that I shouldn't go with the LR Baggs system? I realize that I'm not going to get an "acoustic" sound out of these types of bridges, but I played guitar with a piezo set up, and the tone was very interesting for some uses, and I'm intrigued by what I can do with a hex output.

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id go with graphtec, apperantley they dont rely on pressure in the same way as normal pezio do, this is especialy important if your using a trem as when you push down the signal weakens but going up a string guage still woundlt do you any harm (to get a good sound from your pezio most people find they need to increase their string guage), the only problem with them appart from that thier black (its not that i dont like black but in most cases it doesnt look right if onbly they had a ferra glide style verion) is that you'll need to drill holes into the baseplate of your trem for the hook-up wires.

sorry if some of this was condecending i dont know how much you know about pezio

ps the graphtech instalation video is a laugh

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I have the Baggs vintage X Bridge on my MIM Strat so I'm prejudiced. It's practically a drop in and go deal, except for the volume control replacing one of the standard tone pots. I use an outboard preamp too, so it's no muss, no fuss. It's a pretty convincing acoustic simulation.

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