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Bigsby B50 Vs Bigsby Knockoff, Plus Modifying Stock Tele Bridge

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Which should I aim for?

the Bigsby B50 which can cost about $65 on Ebay



The bigsby horse shoe on axesrus which is like $55 USD

http://www.axesrus.com/axehardware.htm (scroll down a little bit)

Im not buying either anytime soon but I am curious, because I am doing a project next year with a telecaster, and I think I need that part.

Plus can someone tell me how difficult it is to mod a telecaster ashtray bridge so that it can be used with a bigsby?

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Lot of Bigsby action lately, must be because it's almost summer?

Anyway, do a search for 'horseshoe tremolo' on ebay.

I've had both the clone and the licensed versions. The clone worked just fine, the biggest difference I found was that the clone didn't have the word 'Bigsby' on it.

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