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First of all I'm sorry I lost the email of who ever sent this question to me. Somehow it was delivered into my junkmail folder and of course lost forever but I'm posting the answer in hopes you'll be able to get the solution you want.

The question was about the distance between the inside of the neck pocket and the top of the holes drilled for an AANJ body.

Actually since the body curves at the tip there is no real accurate way of having a set standard from manufacturer to manufacturer. They all basically just make the countersink deep enough to keep the washer (grommet) and neck mounting screw from sticking out of the body as pictured below:


The rear two neck mounting screws are 1 1/2" in length and the two used for the front are 1 1/4" in length. That way you won't go through the neck and dislocate the fret board when screwing the neck on. If you used all the same standard length screws you would end up with something like the following picture:


As you can see the front screw goes way to far up to do any good.

Hope this helps, Brian

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