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Hooking 1 Emg 81 Up To A Mexi Strat.


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Okey i feel like this is going to be a long thread, but hopefully someone can help me.. basically I want to know what the possibility of hooking an EMG 81 up to my strat instead of the humbucker.. I just recently bought a mexi strat off ebay and have a emg 81 hanging around that my friend gave me. First off I know I would have to buy a different jack (so its stereo instead of mono), one question on that can I hook the passive single pickups through the stereo jack? Also would I need to add 1 more volume knob to my guitar or could I control both the EMG 81 and singles with the same knob (something else that confuses me because ill need a 25k pot for the active, and a 500k pot for the passive).

Basically what im wanting is to be able to switch the two passives on/have the EMG 81 off, and be able to switch the EMG 81 on and have the two single coil passives off.. Is this possible?

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Easiest way to do it is to use an EMG PA-2 preamp on the single coils and use the 25k controls for everything. I think they run $30-$40.

thanks, I decided to pick one of those up.. hopefully I can figure out how it works. Im assuming they have wiring diagrams with them? Ill be using 2 passive pickups from my strat with the one EMG 81 so hopefully this works.. I ordered all the wiring for the EMG 81 too since my friend didn't have it.

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You can do a search here this has been disscussed before. Also there are help pages on the related subject on the EMG side. I really don't see much of a point in mixing passives and actives this way, but everybody have different preferences or budgets to follow. Save some money and get some S or Sa for the single coils or cheaper get a decent passive pup for the bridge.

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