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Truss Rod

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im making my first guitar, ive routed out the truss rod channel but when i sit the truss rod in its not sitting flush on the bottom of the channel, and its not a tight fit.

Does this matter and if so wat can i do to fix this.


You sure you've taken all the tension out of the truss rod (i.e., the truss rod is straight)?

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First off, we need more information than your giving to help. What kind of truss rod are you installing? Stew Mac's Hot Rod? LMI's Dual Action Rod? Regular Fender type single action truss? Then, did you use the proper size bit for the job? Did you use a straight bit, or cove (curved bottom) router bit? Does it sit flush on one end, and not the other? If you can give us more detail, we should be able to help you better. Good luck!

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You routed the channel curved, correct? The rod should sit near the top of the route at the headstock and heel. It should dip down deeper into the neck its center. You fill this area with a curved filler strip. If you don't install the rod so that it's curved with a filler strip above it in the center, the rod will not work as it's intended.



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