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Will This Wood Work For A Body?

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im making my first guitar and what i want to know is will this wood be good enough? (I dont have much money to spare for wood right now.)


I know its not the wood for specificly making guitars but is ash and if i join two together i would have the right measurements for my guitar body

It's not large enough. I've not seen many guitars 10" wide or less - most around around 13" or so, and they're definitely longer than 10". Maybe if your design accomodated that, you never know, but to be honest, if you're that strapped for cash, maybe spend some time saving up, and use that time to read up/research/plan the build.

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No use at all - even if you settled for a body 10" wide you'd have to glue the blanks end to end, which would mean grain running perpendicular to the neck (not good) or an endgrain to endgrain glue joint. Couple that with the fact that turning blanks are usually still a bit 'green' for lutheiry work and you've got a pretty convincing case for not using that!

"Craft supplies has body blanks. In theory, anyway.".................. laughhard.gif

It's not funny because it's true.... :D

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Holy Cow! I looked at their catalog. I thought the Figured Maple was kinda high, then realised I didn't convert to USD. That is insane pricing. I wonder why so much? Seems disproportionate to most all the other wood prices?

Those bowl blanks are really not a good idea. It would seem to me that you should be able to find a more suitable sized board. Check around some of the sites from the "Recommended Suppliers For Eu Folks"Eu Suppliers


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