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Another Binding Question


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Hey All

Yet another binding question/s

I wasnt going to bind the body, but I did a pretty crappy job of gluing my already carved top onto the body of the Les Paul Im making (Some slight gaps in places around the edge, so I need to hide them :D)

Im almost to the stage of staining and clearcoating and Im wondering how well will Nitrocellulose lacquer adhere/stick to ABS plastic binding? My fingerboard is bound with this stuff and Im going to put lacquer on the fretboard as well

Or, is there an alternative the ABS?

If there are alternatives, Im after a plastic type binding, not a natural timber one. It would be great to find binding in colours other than black, white or cream

dayvo :D

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LMII still cary the celuloid bindings (Stew-Mac stopped because they are quite flamable) in ivoroid. They also cary black and white binding in something called Boltaron (NO ide what that is).


The celuloid bindings have been used with nitro from the birth of the electric guitar, so you should not have a problem with that. I have not personaly used ABS bindings with nitro, but I have never heard that there should be a problem. I have had excellent results with ABS and waterbourne finishes.

Why not sent LMII a mail and ask them about compatibility of ABS and nitro? They should be able to tell you

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ABS should be fine with nitro, though I had trouble with the adhesion of waterbourne - one of the reasons I stopped using it. I have some boltaron bindings from LMII and I find them unpleasantly white - too stark for a Les Paul, except maybe for a Black one, Interstingly, the boltaron is laminated out of several layers, the joint being 100% invisible - the layers separate if you immerse it in acetone.

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Yes, but not for long enough to be worth noting.

I finished my 3rd guitar with Oxford PSL (aka Colortone WB), but ended up stripping it after a(nothing to do with the finish) and using Rustins Plastic coating because it was cheaper than ordering more PSL from the states.

FWIW the finish had adhered pretty well to the celluloid binding, and it was tougher to remove from the binding than it was from the wood.

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