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Monkey Grip On Warrior

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Hey guys I was wondering how much putting a monkey grip aswell as a claw trem. cavity would change the sound of the guitar. Another thing i was wondering is if a monkey grip would look odd on a jackson warrior, i think it could look alright if placed properly. Thanks in advance and i hope to stay around here for awhile :D

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I tend to disagree. Removing the wood for the monkey grip is not likely to make a difference, but I wouldn't say the same goes for the trem conversion. A hardtail strat(or any guitar for that matter) sounds much different than a strat with a trem. Often a strat with a trem will have a slight reverbish tone to it due to the trem springs. You might notice that difference, you might not. It normally seems pretty noticeable to me, but it is in no way a bad sound. It's just different, that's all. Although once you start processing or distorting you signal, I doubt you'll be able to tell any difference anyhow.



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