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Emg Pickup Swap (from Les Paul To Ibanez)


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Hi all,

I recently took out my EMG 81/85 from my Gibson Les Paul to place them in my ibanez. I left the wiring as it if and check a wiring diagram on the EMG site, so i have 2 Vol pots and 1 tone with a 3 way switch.

I worked out that the les paul Jack that the came with the EMGs doesn't fit in the Ibanez, so I am wondering if I can reuse my Ibanez Jack with the EMGs.

This is also my first attmept at wiring pickups and it has been of a cowboy job.

I am also a bit unsure of the wiring of the 3-way toggle switch, does anyone has any wiring diagrams for a 3 way toggle, since i am a bit confused with the EMG one.

P.s I ent no electrician so a wiring diamgram to me is a picture with big bold caps writing telling me what to do lol.

Peace. :D:D

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