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Bigsby On Sg Will Change Tone`?

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I doubt it will alter the tone persay, but you will lose an amount of intunation with the addition of one, and IMHO an amount sustain is lost, which can be varied amounts. I cannot stand bending one string and having the strings next to it go out of tune, which is why I prefer solid bridges.

However, I do enjoy dive and such at other times.

So as for the tone part, i doubt that it will.

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With all due respect.

I want to know what you think it will do to the tone (or sustain,intonation or what have ya). If you are going to ask a question like this. I think it would be more appropriate to state your goal, theory and include as much specific information possible. Then state what you are basing your conclusions on. It will at least show that this is really something you have thought through, and have a goal to achive.

Otherwise you are just throughing another generalized question (not that that ever happens around here :D ) that serves no one, and at best will evoke responces that are not useful to actually building a guitar. In other words wasting space and attension that could be used to try to actually understand or build something.


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Speaking as someone who actually put a Bigsby on an SG, I have to say "no". The change is subtle at most, it brightened the tone a bit for me, lost a bit of sustain, but was really only the sort of thing you noticed playing clean, through like a Fender amp or something. And we all know SGs were meant for playing power chords through Hiwatts. But yeah, any change is very very subtle, and any with even a little distortion, it pretty much disappeared. And it certainly wasn't anything you couldn't compensate for by tweaking the tone knobs.

I've played around with bigsbys a bit now, and the only time I've really noticed significant change in tone was going from a through-body stringing to a bigsby. And even then, it wasn't the sort of thing that screamed out it's change in tone to you.

Really, the only tonal changes, are like Mickguard said, when you press on the arm.

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