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Hi, I just recently bought two Shadow SHEQ5 pickups and Im working on a guitar just now - it has four spaces for pots and one switch like on a les paul, I would apprciate if anyone on here could help me out. I want to stick a Piezo in this aswell, I was thinking about having a belnd pot for blending between the pickups and using the switch to choose between magnetic, piezo and a mixed signal rather than using it to select humbuckers. I also want to have a volume control which controls the magnetic pickups output, but I dont need a tone control as the pickups have a 5 band eq built in. I would really appreciate if someone could suggest what I should do with the other 2 pots - maybe a piezo volume and somehting else. I would also be grateful for any help on how I should go about doing all of this. Thanks.

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switch position

1 magnetic p/u's

2 magnetic p/u's + piezo

3 piezo


magnetic p/u's volume

magnetic p/u's blend

piezo + magnetic blend (for position 2)

piezo volume

personal id have it like the gibson slash signiture but i would replace the mini toggle with a push/push pot because i like to have the ability to go from neck to bridge and a rotary pot isnt the most comforable way to do that for me. also the "inbetween" sounds may be great but try switching between them on a gig

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Thanks alot, it may sound nescient, but I am new to the whole guitar electronics things, but is what you're suggesting possible - with the additional blend pot for the piezo/magnetic thing, if so that'd be great, but I'm going to need some help on how I would wire that up. Again any help is appreciated.

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