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I'm New Here And....

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Hi everyone! I have been trying to repaint my guitar and I have it all sanded thanx to this site but i still have a delima. I dont have a paint gun and need to know what kind i should get. This is just a hobby and i dont have very much money to spend so i need something that is cheap but effective.

Thanx and any help/advice would be appreciated!

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Thanx guys! I'm gonna go check out my local Lowes tomorrow.

Another question: When i paint my guitar do i need a booth type structure to keep the spray from going everywhere, and if so, how do i go about attaching my guitar to it?

**Do i lean it up against something and spray one side, wait till it drys and then flip it to the other side?

**Or can i suspend it some how?

I've never done this before so I have pretty much no idea what I am doing :D

Thanx again!

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Do a search for the spray booth. There were a thread about that a couple of months ago. People showed their solutions and you can get your info from there.

About how to attach your guitar:

Most people hang their guitar from the ceiling. If you have a bolt on you bend a wire coat hanger and hang the neck on that, thru the tuner holes. For the body most people screw a small piece of wood into the neck pocket and attach a string to that and hang the body by the string. Remember to make that piece of wood smaller than the neck pocket so that the paint can be sprayed at the pocket sides. If not that will show up when you assemble the guitar. Also: shave off a little of that piece so it doesn’t touch that edge of the neck pocket so that you can get some spray to “roll over the edge” into the neck pocket. Otherwise you risk chipping the finish when removing that piece. I know that Fender put some nails into the body and lay it on a lazy Susanne type of thing of a jig.

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