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Where To Place The Bridge's Posts?

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And this is my request to you: please mark the positions of bridge's posts in Cad file and send the changed file to me

Well, the position of the bridge is determined by the distance from the nut and the type of bridge you're using.

Here's Stew Mac's Fret Scale Calculator --plug your numbers in and at the bottom of the table you'll see a list of different bridge types and where to place them in relation to the nut.

When you're ready to postion the bridge, here's a great tip I picked up here --get a laser guide/sight and use that to determine exactly where to place the bridge (side to side of the center line). Sight along the neck from the Low E saddle to the Low E nut slot, then do the same for the High E, and position the bridge until the laser line is positioned where you want your E strings to go.

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What Mick said and I could not open your file, there was an error.

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Here's corrected link to my file. guitar project It should work.

Thank you guys. I saw the Stewmac's Tutorial and I know what to do at now.

I've got a small request: please download my project and tell me what I stumbled.

I want to build guitars and become a luthier :D

(off fopic: If you want to see what I do in Poland -- see this link My Webpage

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