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Quick Question About Band Saw Blade Size

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Use as few teeth per inch as possible. Then consider the smallest radius you have to follow, but exclude the horns. I use a 3/4" 3tpi because it's a good all around size, but I have to make a lot of relief cuts for tight areas. For the most part a 1/2" 3tpi blade should be good to easily cut out a body.


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Depends. What's the wood, and how tight are the curves (that's going to define how narrow a blade you want; you can get away with a 3/4"-1" wide blade for most pointy metal V's, but almost anything else will need something narrower).

I'll let others comment on the best tooth arrangement/type, 'cause I'd like to know as well...

Router bits: a good quality template bit and a template (duh). Whiteside (routerbits.com) Infinity (infinitytools.com), Jeseda, Amana, CMT, all good quality bits. I mostly have Whitesides, with a couple of CMTs thrown in.

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It really depends on the radius you want to cut. If you want to cut really tight radius turns you need a thin blade. A 3/4" is a great width for straight or minimal radius cuts (although you can make a lot of relief cuts). 1/2", 1/4", 3/8", 1/4",1/8" all serve a purpose especially if you want a continuous cut. If you only want to have one blade and do not want to change. I would go for the woodslicer 1/2". It is about as fine a blade as you will find. not only is it smaller in kerf,but it also removes material (cleans) very well. It will force you to make some relief cuts but will also make for a fine re-saw blade. As far as teeth per inch. The idea is that fewer teeth will allow the blade to remove material and not fill up or clog the space between the teeth. The downside would be that more teeth allow for finer or smoother cuts. For most guitar work 1"-wide re-sawing (7,8" and up) 3 TPI is great. If you buy smaller blades you will find most have more teeth per. inch, you would just want to slow the cuts down to allow for better cleaning. Don't try a 7" or better re-saw with anything other than 3TPI (just doesn't work well). Woodslicer, Timberwolf, Lennox are very long lasting great quality blades.


P.S. If you don't use bearing guides. Buy cool blocks. They will increase the life of blades and help a lot with general operation of your saw.

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You use a woodslicer for general cutting work? Aren't they a touch pricey for something that doesn't require minimal kerf loss?

We use the same setup for roughcut and resaw.

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