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Worn Output Jack?


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The signal from my guitar will intermittently go out while playing...very annoying. Wiggling the cable connected to the output jack of the guitar will restore the signal. I thought it might have been the cable because it's kind of cheap and I usually play with the same cable, but I've since swapped cables and it's still happening.

I pulled out the output jack and looked at the prong that makes connection with the tip of the plug and where they make contact, the metal has become a copper color, whereas the rest of the plug is the familiar silver color. Is this a sign of a worn output jack? Does the physical contact associated with plugging/unplugging a cable wear down an output jack?

There is still a very good physical connection between the tip of the plug and the input prong of the jack, so it's not a matter of poor physical connection. I'm really hoping this is just a problem of replacing the output jack, but since the physical connection is good, I'm surprised that it's cutting out like that. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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the plating on jacks can be worn down after time due to pluging in and unpluging, when you play do you thread your lead through your strap? if not you may want to look at the jack when its plugged in and wiggle the cable about to see if it comes lose and loses contact. if this is the case simply push the metal contact inwards to give a better connection. you may think the physical connection is fine but iv seen this kind of promblem quite a few times

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