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Advice Needed From The Uk Guys


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I'm soon to be furnishing my new workshop (it's in the process of being built at the moment) and I've decided on most of my tools, apart from my bandsaw.

I'd originally settled on an axminster saw which retails at about £455, but I was warned off this unit by Nathan Sheppard.

So I'm on the hunt again - I need a bandsaw, which is as good as possible, available in the UK with a price limit of £500. What do you guys suggest?

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To be honest, if you're spending 500 quid, most bandsaws will be fine. I'm assuming you want one that can bookmatch tops etc. My (now ex) gf's dad had a nice elekrum beckum (now metabo?) one which was about that much which i used for resawing tops. Very nice. scheppach also never seem to have anything but praise. but can be a bit pricey! shop around and get the best spec you can for the price. Remember in the words of tool time (home improvement) what do we want?... Hee hee


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I've heard mixed bag stories about the Scheppach tools; some folks none too happy with the quality for the price paid (not with regard to bandsaws, honestly, but other machines; purely looking at specs I think they may be a bit overpriced), others more than fine with it. Metabo bought out Elektra Beckum, and they're pretty good tools, but not the best.

Honestly, for about 450-500 quid, I'd be looking around for a used Italian industrial rated saw (Meber, MiniMax, Agazzani, something like that), around the 400mm wheel mark, which is the smallest industrail saw size you'll find; reviews on these are easily found, as they're sold quite a bit in the US (often rebadged as Laguna and similar). Still gives you 10-11" of resaw capacity, though. They're quite readily available here (the Netherlands) and you can get cast iron wheels, solid steel welded frame (thick stock, not thin plate stuff, can handle high tension), cast iron table..you may need to look around further for a 220v version (as opposed to more common 380/400v three-phase motors), or budget for a phase converter, but you can often get a lot of saw for very decent money.

(I get to go pick up my good-as-new, 22-year-old Cattini Enzo 400mm sometime next week. Then I need to sort out the electrics/phase converter stuff...)

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