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Ok, it never occured to me until I was planning for my next build..

I wanted to look up some wood stains. I did look around Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Ronas, etc.

But they don't find suitable colors for instruments. They're mostly all "natural" colors. Some MinWax will have bizarre colors, but nothing like the ones we see on normal guitars.

StewMac doesn't ship theirs outside US.

And eBay doesn't have any..


Where do you (Canadians) get your stains from?

The closest I got was.. Lee Valley

I'm looking for something like that "Blue" you can see on Here


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Try this: Saman Stain colours

Check out the unlimited colours link.

Available at Rona.



Speaking of SamaN stains, I am using some SamaN Wood filler to correct a minor routing mishap. Has anybody used this?

(Wood filler at the very bottom)


I am attempting to use water based products wherever possible. I've never use this SamaN Wood Filler before, but it is much easier to work with than regular wood filler I have used. Dries harder than Ash to my (super-scientific) fingernail test, but feels a little chalky to rub my fingertip on it, so applying the shielding paint might be a concern. I will post my result.

Since you ask, I was routing the trem spring cavity. I can't see through the router base, so was working blind within the template I'd made. I saw the depth ring on the router had loosened and was moving freely, but thought the bolt clamp would still be holding everything in position. Then I noticed I seemed to be still taking out wood in spots I'd already done.

So I had this random 1/8th channel cut in the bottom of the cavity. :D Nothing major and no one would see it, but I would always know it was there, so it needed fixing. No better area to test an unknown product I guess. :D

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