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Hand Painting A Guitar

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Im thinking through options for my Tele project I will be starting soon and found this picture today:


Now im not thinking of anything quite like that, but something along the lines of a hand painted design with some bare wood showing through. Ive got some pretty talented mates who should be able to come up with a cracking design for it.

Just wondered what the process would be?

Would it be a sand, grain fill and seal the body, then paint on teh design and clear coat the whole thing? Or would some extra preparation be needed?

Also, which hand applied paints would work best?

The body is swamp ash if that helps.

Cheers guys (and girls!)!

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I think theres some discussions about this already...

Use the search thing on the main page and see what it turns up.

That photo reminds me of Jimmy Page's dragon tele.

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