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Is this black korina worth 100 euro?

Black korina

What do you think..

That is not possible to answer. We have NO idea how big the board is.

If that is a one piece body blank (approx 14"x22"x1.75"). Then I would say it is expensive for the US, but not way out of line (I sold a pile of one piece blanks to the board members a while back @$55 ea., and most of the time $65 per. can be had). Gilmer would ask around $80-125(higher end would have better figure). Shipping from US overseas is about $2 per. pd. (body should be around $22-25), and then taxes must be figured in. Europe pricing is generally higher. So it would be about right for a body blank.


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It's not out of line, but I would seriously consider heading to Gilmer's website, looking at blanks for 2-piece bodies, and buying one of those. Should run, like Rich said, about 55-65 bucks (more for a 1-piece), it will likely be nicer, and with (ground) shipping it'll run about 75-80 dollars, meaning final price in euros post-duties of under 100. Yes, it'll take 2 months to get here, but still.

You'll be hard pressed to even find another european supplier for Black Limba, though; I certainly haven't seen one. I've looked at the pieces the AF has when I visited a while back, but I can't say I was terribly impressed.

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The black Corina is measured : L x W x T 570 x 380 x 50mm

Its from AF and shipping to Norway is 60 euro


I've just looked at Gilmer's site, they don't currently have all that much in the way of thrilling black Limba. Lots of white, but then, white is easier to get/cheaper.


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Holy Moly! That is expensive shipping. Is that fast shipping or ground parcel?


Here's a luthier's wood supplier in France...at least it'll give you an idea of what prices are like over here! They specialize in European woods (and mostly acoustic woods), so the choice is limited.

aulne is alder

tilleul is lime (basswood?)

noyer is walnut

erable onde is flamed or quilted maple

Well now I know why you guys can't find wood in Europe. You can't read what they are selling :D .

So Mick, is that your secret source for erable onde???? I know how you loves your Figured Maples :D .


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