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Can Someone Recomend A Bridge?

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I'm building a 25.5 scale maple flat top mahogany chambered guitar with an angled back head 2 schaller golden 50 humbuckers. I was going to make my own bone bridge but I decided not to because I wasn't to confident with setting up the Inotation being it's my first build I figure I'll get acouple builds under my belt first before I go with making my own. So that leads to my question I carved my own rap around tail piece out of ebony and I was planning on going with a 2 1/8 string spread at the saddle and 1 3/8 at the nut. I was looking at the Gotoh Nashville bridge and the Gotoh tun-omatic bridge but both are 2 1/16. I was thinking of just going with the 2 1/16 string spread but was unsure if one of those bridges would better suit my build compared to the other? I know I can get some roller bridges that have adjustable string spread but i'd like to keep how much i pay for the bridge to around $30 any info that could help will be greatly appreciated.

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Yes you should move this to the solid body section.

For future reference post anything on the solid body section cuz that's where a good 90% of the questions are answered.

For your question. Don't Be Afraid! There's help!!

click there. Type in your fret #s and scale.

It'll show you the measurements of EVERYTHING and for EVERY BRIDGE you can imagine.. (actually don't imagine any bridges..)

But all the popular bridges are there, Fender vintage strats, TOM, teles, FloydRose types, etc.

So you can get all the measurements about setting up your bridge. For the intonation after that, that's your guitar setup ability. The bridge will be in the correct position. If you go to projectguitar.com and look under tutorials there's a good 6 steps to setting up your guitar. It's kinda long and hassle, and our manual-free generation don't really like it, but it works. And you Want it to work.

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LMI has those roller bridges for $28 dollars. Is that close enough to thirty?

You could probably custom-slot a TOM style bridge as well.

If you really want to do a bone saddle, I say go for it - try one of those archtop-style deals, where the whole bridge assembly is held on by the string pressure, at least for setting up. That way you can make as many tries as you want until it's right, without screwing into the guitar.

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