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String Trees

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What's the point of these little dudes? I've got a strat neck without string trees and am wondering if I should install a pair or just leave it... would it make much difference?

This is on a guitar you already play? Have you had any problems with the strings jumping out of their slots?

If yes, then you'll need string trees. If no, then you don't need them.

String trees provide downward pressure into the nut slots. On an angled neck that's not an issue. On a drop-down (Fender style) neck that usually only becomes an issue with the E and B strings (although my MIJ strat has string trees for the G and D strings too).

But I think a lot depends on how deep the drop is --i.e., the deeper the drop, the more downward pressure, the less need for string trees.

It also depends on your tuners --if you have staggered tuners, the holes of the tuners for the higher strings are set lower to the surface, increasing the angle.

I put as set of locking tuners on my strat-- they stand very proud of the surface. I ended up having to lower the string trees.

It seemed to me there was very slight difference in the sound of the guitar--seemed to me the upper strings were chimier when there was less pressure. But the High E kept jumping its slot. And that doesn't sound good at all. :D:D

As far as tuning stability is concerned...string trees are the enemy, so if you can eliminate them, so much for the better. I replaced mine with graph tech trees, since they're more slippery.

So the upshot is, if it works for you, don't fix it. If it don't work, then either add string trees or get staggered tuners. Or both.

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